Two Tracks Tailored To Your Experience


The Center provides leadership coaching and support to all instructional leaders, both new and veteran. Our goal is to build the capacity for leaders to provide teachers with impactful instructional feedback through effective one-on-one coaching, which leads to teacher’s reflective thinking and shifts in behavior or performance. The Advanced Leadership Series is designed for current Principals with more than one year of experience, while the New and Emerging Leader Series is designed for first year principals and others such as coaches and lead teachers. Find out more information below.

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Emerging Leadership Series

Designed for First Year and Emerging Leaders, this training series is full of real-life examples, practical methods and proven techniques to build your leadership capacity. Each session is packed with ideas and tips that you can put to work immediately to improve your job and your skills. This series runs from Sept. 8, 2016 to Feb. 23, 2017.

Veteran Leadership Series

Advance your instructional leadership knowledge and skill to develop the habits of mind and daily instructional leadership practices to improve teaching and learning. Take control of your time, focus, effort and staff resources to meet the challenges of school leadership. This series runs from Aug. 25 - March 9.